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How to apply Micro-link extensions (Without a hook!!)

Published May 23, 2016 by Stylist&Reviewer

This post contains affiliate links. I do not earn anything if you click on them. They are for informational purposes only, and I have no monetary gain from this product.
The extensions featured in this tutorial are by #grizzly and can be bought on amazon here.



Recently, a whole lot has changed in my family’s daily schedule, and what I mean by that, is our schedule went to hell. 6 months ago, I was in school full time, my husband was a Corpsman in the military, and both my children were thriving within the schedule of educational daycare 5 days a week. “What happened” is a WHOLE other blog post….Hell, it’s a whole other blog.
But, The reason I mention all of that is because I am now searching for things to do one-on-one with my daughter, Ameliah. She is a smart kid, and the lack of structure and learning opportunities in our ‘new’ daily life has her up to no good. I mean, this kid is so bored that she’s started stealing, throwing fits, regressing terribly. Instead of continuing to pull my hair out with frustration over what to do, I decided to ADD hair instead.

I know, I’m sounding crazy, but bear with me here.

Ameliah Thrives on one-on-one attention. She is eager to please, and has a love of girly things which I attribute to my bringing her In to the salon when I was a student, to receive services. She was the only 4 year old with hot-pink highlights, different braids every day, and full mani-pedi’s.

So, when I had the chance to ‘review’ a set of faux feather extensions, I decided that it would be a great one-on-one activity for her and I. Then, Thinking a little further, I thought, ‘hey, Why don’t I go ahead and make a tutorial, maybe my whole 1 subscriber will see it and learn something! (One day my witty nature will win me blog fame….a girl can hope Open-mouthed smile ha-ha!)

So, Here are some step-by step directions to apply micro-link extensions. Remember, this method is used for pretty much any kind of MLE, not just ‘faux feather’ kinds, it’s just the placement and amount that would differ.



Supplies Needed

1) extensions to be used. (We chose pink to match mama’s hair.

2) Shears/Scissors.

3) the hook that (hopefully) comes with the set. OR if you’re like me and lost it, then a thin piece of wire or thread.

4) a comb and clip. (I used a rat-tail comb because you want to be able to make a ‘clean’ parting.)

5) needle-nose pliers

6) Links in the color of your choice.



Step 1) Cleanly section the hair. In Ameliah’s case, I chose to go further down then I would for others, due to her baby-fine hair. Your sectioning can really be anywhere, as long as you take in to account that the metal link will be pushed flat, and therefore may poke out easily. it’s VERY important to make a clean parting here, because (speaking from experience) if you have 1 hair in that ‘strand’ that is misplaced, it will pull and drive you insane. you want to make sure that the only hairs that you include in the ‘strand’ are ones that are meant to be there.




2) choose a small strand/section of hair, no wider than 1/8th of an inch. Too much hair will make it impossible to thread through the link. Too little hair will result in breakage because it won’t be a strong enough foundation for the extension and metal link. Notice the line across my fingers in this photograph….that is the small wire that I chose to use to demonstrate alternatives to using a hook for micro link extensions.


3A) If you are using a hook, then thread the link down the hook, then place the hair strand through the catch on the hook.
3B) if you are NOT using a hook, then simply lay the hair strand over the wire, then bring both ends of the wire up to meet in the middle, and pop the link over both wire ends.


4) Once you’ve pulled the link back off the hook (or wire) you should be left with the hair strand threaded cleanly through the link. At this point, you simply line the hardened tip of the extension through the link.

***USEFUL TIP! I don’t think that I have EVER left a tip long. I always trim mine. Actually I usually cut about half of the hardened tip off. This is because if it’s too long, it’ll stick out at a weird angle, as well as poke you in the head. Not super comfortable!)



4)….(Yes, I’ve done step 4 twice, because it’s really important, LINE UP YOUR TIPS!) Here is an example of my dirty nails…ew! how closely you should line up the tip with the link. Remember…pokey in head=ouchie.


Once you have them lined up just right, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to squeeze that link closed. Yep…it’s that easy!

6) Trim the extensions to length, and enjoy!

Here is a video of me applying these same extensions to a client of mine.

A word to the wise about micro-link extension techniques….

Please remember that this technique of extension can damage hair if the hair is too thin or fragile. I put these in to my daughters hair and then removed them to avoid damage. Her hair is baby-fine and the weight of the metal link plus extension would of caused hair breakage if left in for an extended period of time, But, the model included in my video is continuing to wear them because her hair is thicker and can handle the micro-links. Use your discretion when deciding how to wear them.




Want to know how I know I’ve ‘created a monster’ by bringing Ameliah in to the salon at 4 years old onwards? She took one look and said, ‘mama, they are nice….But I can’t see them enough, I’d like foils please.’ Yup, she’ll be hell on wheels to my wallet in a few years!!

And one more time….The extensions featured in this tutorial can be purchased on amazon here although there is no monetary gain to me if you click or purchase.

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