*Review* Loupe LED Magnifying glass set

Published April 9, 2016 by Stylist&Reviewer

Yes guys, another review 🙂


Today, I am sharing with you the information from the #promotion of the loupe LED magnifying glass. If you’d like to play detective have a tool to let you see things way more clearly, then grab one of these awesome sets here.


I genuinely really like this magnifying glass set.
I found that it’s really all you could need, with the three different lenses. The LED light is a great bonus too, allowing me to see items more clearly than I would otherwise.
I appriciate that it’s easy to switch out the lenses, as many items with this kind of design ends up unused by me, due to the difficulty to push in the little latches, but this one is easy to use.
I found it to be durable too…my two year old has played with this magnifying lense often, and the lenses show no wear and tear or scratches. The LED light also sat ‘on’ for several hours when I didnt notice that my son had not turned it off, but it still works and shows no signs of burning out.
All in all, I really recommend this set, for so many uses that it would be stupid to list them all.
*Side note* I will be uploading a video to update this review with.

I did receive this product at a discount (or free) in exchange for an honest review. I strive to provide fellow consumers with the most detailed, unbiased and (hopefully) helpful reviews that I can, believing that allowing a discount to influence a review is a disservice to other shoppers. Therefore, anything contained in this review can be considered my own independent and unbiased thoughts and opinions, which have not been influenced in any way.


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